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Marina Sirtis: “Kid. You should go into Politics!”

I must admit when we first started going to conventions Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troy on The Next Generation) was not top of our list to meet. I know. That’s awful. (I’m so sorry Marina please don’t hate us). But once we listened to her on stage and even better met her in person we were hooked.

Beauty is one thing but this gal has a razor sharp wit to go with it and she is genuinely nice on top of all that! So basically you could easily hate her… but instead you LOVE her because she is just so… real person. (Does that make sense?)

Marina Sirtis TNG

So imagine… we are standing in line for days… mom and 10-year-old son… and there are so many people and she must be so tired of making small talk and signing photos and on and on. You’d think it would be a quick name-sign-thank-you-bye… but it wasn’t! She was graceful and thoughtful and she engaged with Jacob (said 10-year-old boy) and talked to him for a bit.

Marina: Well hi there nice to meet you! And who is your favorite character on the show?
Jacob: …
Marina: Oh I know it must be Worf, right?
Jacob: No.
Marina: Okay don’t tell me… it must be… Geordi?
Jacob: No.
Marina: DATA!
Jacob: No.
Marina: Okay I give up. Who is it?
Jacob: I like everyone the same.
Marina: Kid. You should go into politics!

I’m sure she doesn’t remember that in the thousands of fan meet and greets she does but I certainly will never forget and neither will Jacob. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo with her that year but that (and an Imzadi photo) is top of our list for the next convention where the stars align, and she is there, and we are there…

Marina Sirtis Publicity Stills


So, after all that, does it surprise you that when we got upstairs we didn’t even make it to the room before he collapsed? We were staying on the concierge level (and boy is THAT fun!) you know the one where you get free snacks all day…

…and they have these huge bean bag chairs in the hallway which is basically like putting up a sign “all 10-year-old boys sit here!” I mean seriously they must have boy magnets inside those things. Right?

Jacob Star Trek Convention


2 thoughts on “Marina Sirtis: “Kid. You should go into Politics!”

  1. Sometimes I think Marina Sirtis’ wit and talent would have flourished more on Voyager than the stuffy old Enterprise…

    1. Agreed. They definitely did not take advantage of her talents on TNG. You should hear her talk about her costumes and the “unwritten” Hollywood rules that women had to follow!

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