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“Marla” Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction

Today’s fan fic discovery is “Marla” Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction by YumKiwiDelicious (YouTube & DeviantArt… if you haven’t checked out Deviant Art OMG do it… do it now…) who does a lot of unique shipper films… Han and Leia… Rose and Jack… even a Tom and Hermoine! (Say what?!)

But this Star Trek: Into Darkness fan fiction film “Marla” took my breath away.

Watch for yourself and see what you think… Do you love it as much as I do?

“Marla”: Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction

Marla… prelude… by YumKiwiDelicious


It was a shame helmsman Kyle didn’t take his own advice and grab hold of something. The next blast that hit the USS Enterprise created a cavernous hole in the far wall and he was promptly sucked out into deep space, his terrified cry being drowned out by the pull of air from the compartment we were in. I took Kyle’s last words to heart and held on for dear life as all around me my crewmates were torn from the ship and thrown into darkness.

My eyes were open but blurred with tears as I hugged the guard railing, feeling like my arms would snap long before it did and I would suffer the same fate as Kyle and the rest. Just as the sleeves of my red uniform dress started to slip from the cool metal I pondered where exactly I had gone wrong in life to end up in this situation – holding my breath hoping against hope something would save me from death by suffocation and/or explosion.

Most, my mother included, would argue that the first mistake had been joining the academy. However, I could not fault the institution which, until recently, had only ever done good things for me. No, as my arms grew weak and failed me, forcing the use of my hands, I knew that my life had taken an irreversible turn for the worst the day I had met John Harrison.”

Read the rest of the story here!

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