Make it So Let it Go Parody

Star Trek TNG Make it So / Let it Go Disney Parody

Back after a short hiatus¬†for the birth of our granddaughter (and Jacob’s niece!) In honor of our new little girl here is a (really … really really) well-done parody of Disney’s Frozen: Let it Go…

From Debs & Errol on Youtube comes this Let it Go parody which, as you probably know, is an exceptionally hard to sing song. Well, Debs nails it. And the lyrics… perfection! Following the plot of The Next Generation movie First Contact.

“You’re all Astronauts on some kind of Star Trek”… arguably the best line ever.

First Contact was the first Trek film that did not include the cast of the Original Series and featured the cast of Next Gen instead. Time Travel. Borg. What more could you ask for?

In case you somehow missed the movie (and if you did please correct that asap…) here is the trailer…


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