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Christmas in July?! Let it Snow/Make it So!

I’m sorry guys I simply can’t wait for Christmas to post this… so I decided why not? Another fan made video this time by the very talented James Covenant. A –slightly altered– version of Let it Snow!

Let’s celebrate CHRISTMAS IN JULY!! Hey, all the shopping channels do it so why not us?

Captain Picard sings Let it Snow!

Now the real decision making begins… do I categorize this in Star Trek TNG… Star Trek Music… Star Trek Humor… or Fan Made! Star Trek Film and Fiction… I can make a case for each or all.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Or yell at me for posting in July. (But really don’t… I might cry.)


Pure genius. I really wish I had the mad skills to come up with these but I guess I’ll settle for ogling on the sidelines as a fan-made fan.

To give credit where credit is due, here are the original lyrics as written… although I will never again be able to hear this song without inserting Make it So and Shut up Wesley!  And I’m betting that now you won’t be able to either. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Man it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’
And I brought some corn for poppin’
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

When we finally kiss good-night
How I’ll hate going out in the storm
But if you really hold me tight
All the way home I’ll be warm

And the fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing
But as long as you love me so
Let it snow, let it snow, and snow

Songwriters: Jule Styne / Sammy Cahn
Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Imagem Music Inc

“Marla” Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction

Today’s fan fic discovery is “Marla” Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction by YumKiwiDelicious (YouTube & DeviantArt… if you haven’t checked out Deviant Art OMG do it… do it now…) who does a lot of unique shipper films… Han and Leia… Rose and Jack… even a Tom and Hermoine! (Say what?!)

But this Star Trek: Into Darkness fan fiction film “Marla” took my breath away.

Watch for yourself and see what you think… Do you love it as much as I do?

“Marla”: Star Trek Into Darkness FanFiction

Marla… prelude… by YumKiwiDelicious


It was a shame helmsman Kyle didn’t take his own advice and grab hold of something. The next blast that hit the USS Enterprise created a cavernous hole in the far wall and he was promptly sucked out into deep space, his terrified cry being drowned out by the pull of air from the compartment we were in. I took Kyle’s last words to heart and held on for dear life as all around me my crewmates were torn from the ship and thrown into darkness.

My eyes were open but blurred with tears as I hugged the guard railing, feeling like my arms would snap long before it did and I would suffer the same fate as Kyle and the rest. Just as the sleeves of my red uniform dress started to slip from the cool metal I pondered where exactly I had gone wrong in life to end up in this situation – holding my breath hoping against hope something would save me from death by suffocation and/or explosion.

Most, my mother included, would argue that the first mistake had been joining the academy. However, I could not fault the institution which, until recently, had only ever done good things for me. No, as my arms grew weak and failed me, forcing the use of my hands, I knew that my life had taken an irreversible turn for the worst the day I had met John Harrison.”

Read the rest of the story here!

What do you think? Enjoying the FanFiction? Want more? Or know a great author you want featured here? Comment below and let me know!


Leonard Nimoy Sings! Bilbo Baggins

I’m so sad that I never got to meet Leonard Nimoy in person. Isn’t that an excellent pic of him? Photo Cred: Leonard Nimoy by Gage Skidmore.

Of course, we all remember him best as Spock but he also had a lot of other memorable moments for us to enjoy. One of the best that takes me right back to the 1960’s (time travel… it’s a thing) is his rendition of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

I’ll post the original for you but then I’ll also post a convention clip of him doing a few minutes live. (Scroll down! It’s worth it… I promise!)

Leonard Nimoy The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Okay, I really wish I had seen this in person but I’ll have to settle for the video same as you. Honestly, it is impossible to watch this without smiling. Try it I dare ya! This is from the Fan Expo in 2009 posted by tsukishime.

I’ve never been to a Fan Expo but you can tell from the video these guys are just super friendly and super caring of the fans. I think that is one thing that makes Star Trek stand out from all the other franchises out there… the family feeling you get. You can be the nerdiest geek ever and still be welcome. That is pretty special!

Leonard Nimoy LIVE at Fan Expo 2009


Fan made video montage to “Common People” by William Shatner

This fan-made video is So. Well. Done. I mean, really, really, REALLY, well done! I’ll definitely be favoriting Lord Ricco 666 over on YouTube.

Star Trek the Original Series Clip to the music of “Common People” by William Shatner from his album “Has Been”

And since one can never have too much William Shatner… how about a revisit to his classic Rocket Man?

OH speaking of which… we were at a convention in San Francisco a while ago and there was a fan (wish I had his name! Anyone know him?) who did an amazing rendition of William Shatner… I mean it felt like we were watching the real thing only better. (Shh, don’t tell Bill.) I also wish I had a video of him but this still will have to do. If you know him or better yet if you ARE him please let us know!

Do you know this dude? Give him a shout-out in the comments!

William Shatner Impersonator

So anyway, I don’t know if you’ve been to a Creation convention before… but they usually have extra fan events and the stars that are available come and play along. This particular year they had a karaoke party open to all on Saturday night and this guy performed Rocket Man.

By the way… if you haven’t been to a Creation event? GO. Seriously. Just go. You can thank me later. Creation Cons are amazeballs. Everyone gets a seat in the main auditorium and tons of access to the guest stars and there are lots of extras like the karaoke party. One year they had a performance by Tim Russ at a special dance party for gold ticket holders so if you can swing it GO GOLD. But even if you don’t? You’ll still have the time of your life!

William Shatner’s Rocket Man!

Oh sorry got distracted there. Ok. Here is the restored (thanks to Thomas Prislac on YouTube… my favorites list is growing) version of William Shatner’s classic Rocket Man!



Star Trek Beyond costars on Lip Sync Battle!

Adding some music to the mix is always worthwhile… so today… for your listening and viewing pleasure… the fantabulous costars of “Star Trek: Beyond“, Zoë Saldaña and Zachary Quinto mix it up on Lip Sync Battle! Zoe Saldana performs TLC’s hit “No Scrubs” with special guests T-Boz and Chilli then Zachary Quinto brings it on as Missy Elliott with his performance of “Get Ur Freak On.”

Who won this Lip Sync Battle? Vote in the comments below!

TLC’s No Scrubs…  (partial lyrics)

“No, I don’t want no scrubs
A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
Hangin’ out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride
Trying to holla at me
I don’t want no scrubs
A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
Hangin’ out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride
Trying to holla at me”

Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On… (partial lyrics)

“Missy be puttin’ it down
I’m the hottest ’round
I told y’all mother-ooh
Y’all can’t stop me now
Listen to me now
I’m lasting twenty rounds
And if you want me then come and get me now
Is you with me now?
Then biggie-biggie-bounce
I know you dig the way I switch my style
People sing around
Now people gather ’round
Now people jump around”

Technically I know… not Star Trek… but Lip Sync Battle hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen is just plain fun and when you toss two of our favorite new Trek stars into the show what’s not to love?! I hope they invite more of our favorites onto the show and you know, if they do, I’ll add them here… I can’t resist! In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for more fun Star Trek related music… have some you’d like to see here? Let me know!

Before you go please comment with your vote… who won this challenge? Zoe or Zachary?


Patrick Stewart Reads One Star Reviews!

I admit it, this is less about Star Trek and more about good old-fashioned humor but… it’s also Patrick Stewart! So that counts right?

Plus… Did I mention Patrick Stewart?!

Thanks to GQ for the hilarious video of the Shakespearean actor (and Enterprise-D Captain Picard of course), Patrick Stewart reading real one-star reviews of famous world monuments.

Like the Statue of Liberty. “If I’m going to take a boat out into the middle of the water, I want this lady to do something beyond just stand there. Like, can’t it be a ride or something?

I mean, really? REALLY?? You’re in a boat looking at an iconic historical monument and you want Disney? Or Six Flags? Besides, aren’t you already ON a ride if you’re in a boat?

Set phasers to laughter… and… FIRE!

Of course, Patrick Stewart also voiced the Poop emoji in The Emoji Movie. But then he has always been known for his irreverent sense of humor and his knack for refusing to take himself too seriously…

“Oh, yes, my passion for (Beavis and Butt-Head) remains… I think it’s one of the most original and brilliant pieces of television that we’ve seen in recent years. The dialogue is delightful. I simply sit and giggle and laugh all the time.” ~Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart Reads Reviews


My favorite of the reviews has to be:

The Statue of Liberty – “Like, can’t it be a ride or something?

But the others are equally entertaining:

Stonehenge – “Dated. It could do with a good clean and some fresh paint! Sadly, past it’s best.”

Gateway Arch – “So. If I bend a piece of metal and stick it in the ground I can charge a bunch of money for suckers to go in it. The only arch worth visiting is the golden one that sells hamburgers.

Mount Rushmore – “Loved the monument. Hated the location. South Dakota? Really?

Hoover Dam – “More like the Hoover damn, this is disappointing! Correct me if I’m wrong, but anyone can build a wall to contain water. It’s called a bath tub.

Natural History Museum – “I just don’t like stuffed animals. I find them very creepy.

The Eiffel Tower – “You know who loved the Eiffel Tower? Hitler.

And because this is, after all, a Trek Blog, and because Patrick Stewart is fabulous… enjoy this photo of his truly from the Met Opera:

Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart at the Met Opera – photo cred 2010 Shankbone

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And… as always…

Live Long and Prosper!


Star Trek Voyager: Caretaker

“Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation Colonists along the Cardassian border have banded together. Calling themselves ‘The Maquis’, they continue to fight the Cardassians.  Some consider them heroes, but to the governments of the Federation and Cardassia, they are outlaws.”

Flung halfway across the galaxy, the USS Voyager crew must find a way to work with a renegade crew of Maquis to find a way home.

We watch as the two ships, Maquis and Starfleet, are whisked 70,000 lightyears away to the Delta Quadrant by a mysterious entity called The Caretaker. This entity controls an array that the Voyager crew disingenuously acts shocked and confounded by despite the fact that they just came from Deep Space 9 which looks eerily similar.

It certainly is not strange enough to provoke more shock than the act of being flung halfway across the galaxy!

We’ll forgive this error in judgment on the part of the writers though as they otherwise provide a solid and uniquely original basis for the Voyager installment of the Star Trek franchise.

The Caretaker’s Array vs. The Deep Space Nine Starbase…

The Caretaker's Array and DS9 Starbase

As with all Trek stories the science is fascinating and highly prescient. The Caretaker is a sporocystian lifeform (a species called Nacene). They are explorers and their technology damaged the home planet of a race of humanoids known as the Ocampa. By removing the nucleogenic particles from the atmosphere, the surface of the planet was turned into a desert.

As a fundamental requirement for life as we know it, water is often taken for granted by those of us living in developed countries. Until you find yourself without water, it is usually accepted as something that will always be available freely and easily. Of course, that isn’t the case for everyone. The lack of safe, clean, potable, water not only retards growth and innovation, but causes illness, death, and untold suffering for those without.

“No one around here waste’s water in this manner!”

Neelix takes a bath


As a character, Neelix is very opportunistic. Not surprising from someone who has lost his home and family to what is the equivalent of nuclear war. Neelix spends his life living on his small ship scavenging space debris and scrounging supplies from the people he encounters.

Upon meeting the crew of Voyager Neelix offers his help in exchange for water. He plans to use the water to barter for the release of his love interest, an Ocampan named Kes who is being held captive by the Kazon-Ogla.

“Kazon-Ogla! Who are the Kazon-Ogla?!”

Kazon-Ogla Campground on Ocampa
Kazon-Ogla Campground on Ocampa

A sect of a violent warrior race, the Kazon-Ogla live in constant war with other Kazon sects for territory and resources. Originally kept as slave labor by the Trabe, the Kazon appear almost cartoonish and child-like in their dealings with Voyager. They currently control the surface of Ocampa and according to Neelix, they mine “the rich cormaline deposits” for trade.

Upon learning that Neelix has returned with water, the Kazon-Ogla leader, Maje Jabin, tells Captain Janeway that he would “be more interested in acquiring this technology that allows you to create water from thin air”. Janeway explains that the technology is integrated into the ship’s systems so that would be difficult. Perhaps hoping to create some goodwill by avoiding an outright refusal to trade technology.

Jabin of the Kazon-Ogla
Jabin of the Kazon-Ogla

According to Lieutenant commander Data of the USS Enterprise, humans are comprised of over 90% water. As such it’s easy to see that in a system lacking nucleogenic particles, access to water would be very powerful and the Kazon would view USS Voyager’s water creation technology to be a highly desired ability.

Water, water, water…

In the years since this episode aired our ability to pull water from thin air continues to improve.

I remember taking survival training when I was 13. We learned many things but what stuck with me the most was not to put up a tent under trees (since the staff forced me to move it) and how to get water out of thin air.

Okay, maybe not exactly thin air, but close. Condensation on non-poisonous plants is one of the few ways to get safe drinking water with no need of purification. There are many ways to do this. But what we did was:

  • Dig a small hole in the ground.
  • Gather lots of fresh green leaves and line the hole.
  • Put a small container in the center.
  • Then put a piece of plastic over the hole dipping down slightly in the center.
  • Leave it overnight.

And in the morning you have all the condensed water from the leaves that collected on the plastic and dripped into your container.

At 13 it was like magic!

If you have water but aren’t sure it’s safe to drink you can use that same method to purify water via sunlight by turning your hole and plastic into a makeshift solar still. But that’s a discussion for another day and another Voyager episode.

Star Trek science becomes real-life science!

Using a similar idea, scientists from UC Berkely have developed a water harvesting technique that, literally, pulls water out of thin air by using the higher humidity at night and higher temperature during the day. While this wouldn’t have solved the problems of the lack of nucleogenic particles faced by the Ocampans it certainly can help people here on earth in need of a safe, clean, source of drinking water.

Water harvesting cycle

And on to the next… exploration… science… if you have anything you’d like to read about please comment below and I’ll work on it for you!

Live long and prosper!

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Captain Kathryn Janeway: “We’re alone – in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We’ve already made some friends here… and some enemies. We have no idea of the dangers we’re going to face. But one thing is clear: both crews are going to have to work together if we’re to survive.

That’s why Commander Chakotay and I have agreed that this should be one crew – a Starfleet crew. And as the only Starfleet vessel assigned to the Delta Quadrant, we’ll continue to follow our directive: to seek out new worlds and explore space. But our primary goal is clear. Even at maximum speeds, it would take 75 years to reach the Federation.

But I’m not willing to settle for that. There’s another entity like the Caretaker out there somewhere who has the ability to get us there a lot faster. We’ll be looking for her. And we’ll be looking for wormholes, spatial rifts, or new technologies to help us. Somewhere, along this journey, we’ll find a way back.”