Delta Quadrant Species

Top Ten Alien Races of the Delta Quadrant

Of all the races we meet on Voyager’s travel through the Delta Quadrant there are some who stand out because individuals we meet stand out.

1) Borg

The Borg Queen.

2) Brunali

The Brunali are an obvious choice because… Icheb! Need we say more?

3) Species 8472

The ultimate “don’t judge a book by its cover” race and we love them for it! Although originally Captain Janeway makes a deal with the devil so to speak, the Borg, to help them win a war with Species 8472, in the end, they come to know and love Species 8472 who were simply defending themselves against a hostile invasion force. The most memorable for me (of the named members of the species) was Valerie Archer who took human form on their model earth and engaged in a relationship with Chakotay.

4) Vidiians

Victims of a horrendous plague they call “the phage” the Vidiians will stop at nothing to ensure the survival of their species, including harvesting organs of living, sentient beings to replace their own organs which are being destroyed by the phage. Their medical knowledge is superior to Starfleet, for the simple reason that their very existence depends upon that knowledge and they will go to any means to survive.  Danara Pel is one of many but a favorite for her love affair with The Doctor and later for helping to save Captain Janeway and Chakotay from isolation on a planet due to a virus.

5) Talaxian

Neelix. That is all.

6) Ocampa

Kes. See Nelix.

7) Kazon

Kar of the Kazon-Ogla who earns his name Jal Karden by working with Chakotay on a Kazon training moon.

8) Hirogen

Donik was a Hirogen holoprogram engineer who altered the holograms provided by Voyager to allow them to feel pain and thus become more formidable prey. He eventually works to reprogram the holograms and undo some of the damage caused by his original changes.

9) Kobali

Jhet’leya who became Kobali after Ensign  Lyndsay Ballard died and her body was commanded to space in Starfleet custom. The Kobali procreate by salvaging organic beings after death.

10) Voth

Forra Gegen was a Voth molecular paleontologist who believed in the Distant Origin theory and was persecuted for that belief. The Voth shared many genetic markers with species from the Terran solar system and likely traveled from earth many years before settling in the Delta quadrant.

What do you think? Did we miss your favorite? Give them a shout out in the comments and we’ll craft a special post featuring your favorite!


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